2020 Player Breakdowns

Kira Lewis Breakdown


Really good playmaker.  Can create off pick-and-roll or live-dribble but creating off ball screens was his favorite.  He can throw over the top, pocket pass or wraparound dump off passes to the roll man with foresight.  Sometimes he will drive and kick too early while he has the option to knife through the lane deeper to bend the defense and create more loose ends.  He can pass on the move and with anticipation.  Not terrible passing to the margins either; keeps head on a swivel.  His first step is one the best in the class.  He displays great downhill straight away speed and uses his quickness to get defenders leaning to change direction or shift gears.  Not overly herky-jerky but has solid wiggle.  His combo dribble drives moves can create more separation with an array of crossovers at his disposal.  Doesn’t create as much leverage on his drives and relies heavily on his first step and combo moves.  Needs to gain strength to ward off the physical defenders.  His gathering ability helps him become a solid scorer.  He can high rip a two step gather going downhill at a hundred miles an hour.  He can side step low man help defenders who are in position to take a charge and finish off his wrong foot.  His thin frame really is an issue however when it comes to finishing over contact or winning more drives.  He can get stronger over time but his rail frame is a concern.  He’s more of a spot up three point shooter rather than a movement shooter.  Did well with catch-and-shoot opportunities but a lot of those weren’t off the screen, catch on the move jumpers.  He’s more than just a spot up shooter with his behind the back pull back threes, floating away runners and crossover pull ups.  He needs to turn his tough shot making ability into drawing more fouls at the next level.


For a player that’s rail thin he’s better than one would think on defense.  Much of that has to do with his defensive fundamentals.  He can sit in his stance with clean slides and feathery toes.  Sometimes he’ll squat in his defensive stance with poor mirroring, that’s why even though he’s displayed pretty good defensive functionally his inconsistent tendencies can be a downfall.  His defensive anchor will be a problem at times getting overpowered on drives, getting bumped off at the rim or dying on screens.  He also is good enough as a help defender so he won’t be a complete liability.  He can cover for his teammate who gets washed out of the play, can rotate over one man away and chip at the action.  His improved creation might be the best thing about his defensive game.  He has solid hand eye coordination that causes deflections, gets blocks from behind unsuspecting drivers and jumps passing lanes that look open in the moment. 

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