2020 Player Breakdowns

Tyrese Haliburton Breakdown


Fantastic off ball player.  Nice backdoor cut when reading teammates dribble push and flashes baseline as soon as help started to crowd ball handler.  Nice relocation off dribble drive passes and climbs to the open spot.  Has great touch around the rim but can struggle at times over height/size due to lack of pop and strength. Can’t really break guys down off the dribble so he attempts a lot of 1-2 plant pull ups.  Not really a tough shot maker but does attempt step backs, off screen and altered momentum shots; has shown some semblance of ability.  Uses his high level long range shooting ability to set up his drives whether that’s attacking a hard closeout or just using pump fakes.  Off ball screens he utilizes acceleration/deceleration moves down hill to get defenders momentum leaning.  Doesn’t have a lot burst but his change of speed game is solid.  The lack of a great first step probably hinders his upside.  Also off ball screens does great job anticipating defenders angles and whether to reject the screen or dribble off it to get down hill.  When he does get into the paint rarely draws fouls.  It could be because he isn’t versed in gathering by relying on his left foot leap, right hand finishes on both sides of the rim or maybe because he shrinks away from contact midair.  Although I will say he isn’t afraid to leap in the muck for an offensive rebound.  One of the best players in this draft when it comes to processing speed.  Reads plays before they break whether that’s off the bounce or pick-and-roll.  Very methodical turning the corner off ball screens and is patient waiting for the right loose end to reveal itself.  Very smart player overall.


One of the best at defensive creation for a guard in this class.  He has great hand eye coordination, great timing, and is quick to process the action.  He’s not afraid to leave his man or position to suffocate the action and force a havoc shifting play.  Although when he does leave his man or position his return home can be late.  His lack of closing speed is one of his biggest defensive constraints.  Also another impediment is his lack of fluid hips verse point of attack.  Doesn’t really flip his hips that well and can be susceptible to opening his hips too early.  However he does have great on-ball fundamentals by playing on the balls of his feet, staying coiled, strong armbar and strong balance.  He also has a wide base and solid defensive slide positioning.  The lack of a strong butt and anchor can be troublesome when absorbing offensive blows and controlling a ball handlers hips.  One of his biggest issues on team defense is at times he’ll ball watch and get lost in space.  He’s a heady enough player to reestablish ball-and-man but it feels like every so often he’ll be more interested in getting a steal rather than play sound team defense.  With that said though he’ll make nice low-man vertical contests from the weak side, shrink the court and crash down on third level rotations.

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