2020 Player Breakdowns

Anthony Edwards Breakdown


Overall Edwards is a very talented player but it felt like he wasn’t working as hard as he could.  By that I mean it feels like when he beats the first level defender going down hill off ball or off ball screen he’ll struggle with decision making when the second level comes rotating over.  When met with the second level he’ll tend to shoot pull up mid range jumpers instead of working the defender deeper or threading the play along with instinctive passing.  He has the strength and athletic ability to fend off defenders on his drive then shed them at the rim.  He has a nice low center change of direction move which he uses a between the legs cross or a pull back cross and go.  He’ll in-and-out you out of your shoes, absorb contact at the rim and finish with control.  He has the ability to work the defense deeper middle off live-dribble but when faced with a decision at the second level he gets passive with pull ups.  This may change over time since it’s more of a mental block.  When you’re a good pick-and-roll scorer you should be adept at turning the corner or rejecting the screen but it seems like he’s a far better driver when he rejects the screen.  A lot of that has to do with the fact when he rejects the screen the big help defender is deeper in the paint rather than corralling his drive up close.  He likes to have a runway on his drives.  He doesn’t have an advanced shooting portfolio but is a decent tough shot maker displaying a pull back jumper halting his momentum on a dime and pulling back with a cross.  He’s not really an instinctive play maker but has used the advantages off his scoring ability and leveraged that into creation.  However he’s a better passer in transition rather than half court execution even though he does display fine rhythm off pick-and-roll passing.  He’s decent at reading the first action but any sort of sequence of events and he can struggle to read the court.


When Edwards gets his legs underneath his chest, has active feet, sturdy armbar and slides with purpose containing dribble penetration, man, he shows how tough it could be fighting for angles downhill; really good on-ball defense.  Unfortunately he doesn’t show much consistency in his fundamentals.  Sometimes he’ll poorly shade the ball handler, other times he won’t use an armbar and then when he does get beat versus the first step he’ll get handsy and hand check the drive.  Also more than what I would’ve liked to see was Edwards dying midpost after he lost the drive first level, it’s like he’s getting ready to brace for the rebound or maybe he’s getting ready for a quick inbounds play even though he could still funnel the ball handler.  He’ll also have lapses versus early offense and do a poor job matching up.  It’s tough to tell defensive communication 100% of the time just by watching a lot of televised games but a play that stuck out was one of his teammates pointing out an off ball switch early and Edwards didn’t pay it any mind resulting in an easy bucket.  Was it poor communication, was it poor processing speed, was it poor effort or was it a little of all?  Edwards has demonstrated he can play good on-ball defense, he’s shown the ability to rotate on middle drives and add that to his positive hand eye coordination feeding his creation Edwards has illustrated his pro defensive capability.  The issue however might be if he can sustain a full game of that level of defense.

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