2020 Player Breakdowns

Onyeka Okongwu Breakdown


Mostly a line of sight passer who rarely passes with anticipation and finds players as a last resort.  He can find fan outs and flares out of post and makes solid high-to-low passes.  When he gets the ball off a ball screen in space he can back action pass to the opposite wing for three.  He garners so much attention in the post or with space that there will be loose ends forming to pass to and needs to sharpen his decision making.  He’s a workable passer with potential but has a ways to go.  Fantastic offensive rebounder; quick off the ground, carves out position, uses swim moves like a defensive end to win the rebound.  He didn’t shoot many long range shots but solid overall touch on his catch-and-shoot spot up midrange jumper; has a high release point but would like to see his lower body shot prep be synced up better with overall mechanics.  Can catch ball at the elbow area, take one dribble and leap from the midpost for a slam; has solid stride length on his gathering.  Can catch the ball off pick-and-roll, dive with a head of steam and side step defender at rim who has position; also likes to use jump stops to throw off defenders rhythm.  When attacking a closeout from the elbow can shuffle feet going downhill.  That’s why a lot of times when he attacks a closing defender who has cut off a straight away angle he’ll just back them down.  Dribbles away from his body, feels like he’s trying to catch up to his dribble and loses balance as a result; getting his handle in tight with a center of gravity will be key.


Great paint protector.  Converges on action in a timely manner, makes solid initial rotations and deters shots at the rim.  It’s really tough to execute when Okongwu goes vertical at the rim but unfortunately sometimes instead of establishing position and going vertical he’ll move into the vertical contest and fly into the defender committing a foul.  He’ll also bring his arms down on the vertical contest instead of remaining high and tight.  His good hand eye coordination, timing, length and pop help him be a great shot eraser but that ability comes with a cost as he can be prone to fishing for blocks/steals.  As a result instead of staying sound in his assignment he’ll either be stuck in the mud, take poor angles or bite on fakes.  Sometimes versus on-ball he’ll play with his hands out in front of him trying to tap the ball away but that hurts his balance especially against quicker players.  Needs consistent mirroring but overall has springy toes, strong armbar, a wide base, good anchor and nice lateral slides that serve him well containing dribble penetration.  Has versatility in his pick-and-roll coverages by switching, downing or hedging.  Sometimes though he’ll screw up the communication, like planning ahead without thinking ahead.  While defending the pick-and-roll and playing drop coverage he speculated the zone in which the ball handler would attack.  He cheated over to the right without understanding that help wasn’t in position to back that up and as a result the ball handler took advantage of that mistake.  Does a really good job on rotations closer to the rim but needs to process the perimeter faster if he wants a chance at becoming a true 1 through 5 defender.

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