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Tyrell Terry Breakdown


Most likely doesn’t have the burst, size or driving function needed to become an elite all-around offensive threat in the NBA but his shooting ability is the great equalizer.  He’s the type of player that if you sag off his pick-and-roll he’ll make you pay from deep.  He has the potential to command pressure instantly off the ball screen which in turn has a massive effect on spacing and defensive support.  It forces ‘bigs’ to come out of the paint, challenge the defensive identity and expose backline weaknesses.  That one skill alone can drastically guide his career.  He isn’t someone who can just spot up or shoot well out of ball screens but shoot off movement too.  He wasn’t a prolific movement shooter but he would misdirect defenders off ball, round corners off screen, catch-and-release enough times to warrant quality prowess.  Unfortunately his height is a negative in terms of becoming a Duncan Robinson-esque type movement shooter.  That’s why at the next level he’ll have to improve his off the dribble game.  He was pretty average shooting off the dribble and at times settled for 1-2 plant pull ups or floaters.  The lack of strength/pop hurts on floaters and off balance shots since he doesn’t get enough extension and lift.  Becoming stronger and adding more momentum behind his shot should help with off the bounce buckets. 

Even though Terry doesn’t have the greatest of first steps he uses jabs and shot fakes to get defenders to step off.  He can then decelerate and accelerate downhill or use change of direction crossovers to alter his path and finish with off foot, wrong hand lay ins.  His craft off the bounce and gathering ability help draw fouls but his body control needs to be more consistent when bumped on vertical contests.  As for play making he’s a smart passer.  Can anticipate when cutters are about to break open, pass on the margins and pass on the move.  However at times he’ll overpass, jump pass with no plan and take a bunch of risky passes.  Overall still has good passing instincts.


His lack of size becomes an even bigger problem on defense.  He can get hung up on screens but shows solid pursuit on the recovery even though he might overcompensate at times and rush with his hands.  He does have the quickness to stay in front of certain ball handlers but can get bumped off pretty easily with lack of strength.  Even if he gets beat at the point of attack he has the quickness to reattach but the problem being he lacks the length to force a truly contested shot.  His stance can be too hunched over and needs a better anchor.  He’ll shade players poorly at times, like shading a player heavily middle giving up baseline with no help.  He has a decent armbar but lack of strength counters the perceived leverage.  Can be too active with hands on closeout, on-ball contests and sometimes will lazily have a hand on the players back while attempting a shot, makes an easy call for ref.  He does a good job off-ball reading passing lanes and intercepting the ball but doesn’t stay coiled ready enough and can be late getting into stance at the mesh point.  At times he’ll be late to recognize his man lifting off-ball but shows good effort returning home.  Overall does do a good job on initial rotations even though if the contest is on someone with size the effectiveness might be lackluster.  Getting stronger and filling out his frame will be a must.

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