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Devin Vassell Breakdown


One of Vassell’s biggest impediments at the next level will be his live-dribble and overall dribble drive game.  He doesn’t get to the rim that often, doesn’t draw many fouls, has an average at best first step and mostly drives in straight lines.  He’s a good enough shooter to warrant a hard closeout and Vassell takes advantage with ball fakes and rip-and-go’s but tends to mostly take deep two’s.  A positive is he can drive with his left and right hand and he likes to spin move down hill in the lane typically leading to a fadeaway paint jumper.  Vassell doesn’t have much shake in lane either and is a drive on a rope type player unless it’s his spin move.  Pretty standard finisher with not much finesse.  Can display off speed gathers from time to time but that’s being generous.  Uses two foot leaps or leap off left foot finish with right hand type of finisher.  He struggles to finish over contact and his thin frame is a concern.  His spot up shooting, transition game, off ball cutting and overall floor spacing ability are his best attributes on offense.  He tends to settle for long two’s but he does shoot fairly well from that area even though that’s a disadvantageous shot.  He really isn’t a playmaker either but does make sound passes within the offensive structure.  Won’t overthink a play and make well timed hockey assists, find the mismatch or the weak side shooter.


Not having fluid hips and strength are holding back Vassell’s defensive upside.  The lack of strength hurts his potential as a 1 through 5 defender.  What also hurts his switchability potential at the next level is the fact he’ll open up his hips too early versus point of attack giving the ball handler better driving angles.  His perpendicular slides funneling drives downhill can get twisted and needs to be more leveled.  Vassell will have poor shading from time to time in which he’ll drop the wrong foot, give up middle and lose a beat to the ball handler.  Luckily for Vassell he’s long limbed with a wide base and good hand eye coordination.  He’ll still be attached to the drivers hip and time his leaps from behind for blocks, steals and deflections.  Defensive creation is one of Vassell’s best attributes on defense.  He’s not afraid to leave his off-ball assignment to disrupt the on-ball action and create on defense.  He then has the recovery speed to climb back to his own.  He jumps passing lanes like a cornerback breaking on their route and strips ball handlers who let down their guard.  Vassell isn’t a perfect team defender being late on help, slow to recognize and ball watching.  However overall he’s a pretty good team defender crashing down on third level help defense, plugging up drives, chipping-and-recovering and making weak side rotations.

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