2020 Player Breakdowns

Cole Anthony Breakdown


Not a prolific movement shooter.  More of an on-ball creator.  But did display the capability to come off screen, curl and make a play.  Also at times can find the open space in the defense, run to the spot, catch and shoot at a solid clip.  Shown that he can be a diverse on-ball creator with step back off-dribble jumpers, spot ups, rim attacks, floaters and deep 3 pull ups.  Needs to be more consistent with efficiency but has the makings of a solid portfolio entering the draft.  Quick release, one shot motion but has different launch angles, needs more lower body strength.  Needs to do a better job of working the defense for a better shot.  Will settle for first solid look.  Makes his shot selection very questionable.  But as a result of his questionable shot selection takes fallaway jumpers, falling out of bounds lay ins, leaner pull ups and off balance threes.  His ability to make tough unassisted shots probably gives him the confidence to keep taking these risky shots but needs to hone in a selective attitude at the next level.  Average pick-and-roll scorer that can split hedges, work the pocket jumper or take step behind threes.  With his explosion and great first step however he should be better than what he displayed at college. 

Has an array of gather finishes that make him one of the tops in the class.  Whether it’s inside foot, off foot, off hand, two step gathers, he has shown the ability to make defenders guess their timing while defending the shot.  I would like to see more left hand finishes however, especially on the left side.  Can draw fouls at a decent clip but has trouble at times finishing over size at the rim.  If it’s someone his size he can mange to shed the blow but anyone bigger and he struggles or stops short to finish through/over the body.  Needs to be better around the rim overall.  Has one of the best first steps in the class.  Although while he might aimlessly attack the rim his burst off the dribble is great.  Usually uses a right to left hand crossover to come off live-dribble but has a wide variety of dribble drive moves including push crosses, double crosses, behind back into between leg combo crosses.  Can change direction downhill with a little change of speed.  Ultimately a good driver but when he wins drives needs to be more decisive.  He’s a solid creator too.  Keeps head up on drives, feels help climbing and makes correct read.  Can pass with anticipation at times but doesn’t find players on the margins as often as he soon.


Anthony plays good enough help defense but can linger off-man or sink too far from his assignment at times searching for a block/steal.  It feels like when he’s defending off-ball he’s more worried about creating a block or steal rather than remaining sound on his man.  Since he isn’t a prolific creator on defense that trade off doesn’t work in his favor.  With his speed and quickness can cover ground pretty fast but doesn’t have the length or elite processing speed to pick up recoveries in a consistent manner.  He can get back into action by plugging up gaps and cutting off angles.  His size however can be a problem.  Not just with pick-and-roll switchability but containing dribble penetration.  His wide shoulders and strong frame does help verse players his size but does get blown off point of attack often although he fights to stay attached to the ball handlers hip.  His size and attention to detail could be major issues at the next level.

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