2020 Player Breakdowns

Isaiah Joe Breakdown


One of the best movement shooters in the class.  He can out-cut off wide pins, straight curl into a catch-and-shoot or fade in the corner for 3.  As we’ve seen in the NBA being good at movement shooting is a highly sought after commodity.  So even if Joe was below average at ever other offensive skill he’d still have a role in today’s NBA.  Even with me giving added weight to Joe’s movement shooting he didn’t grade out highly on offense.  Most of that had to do with the fact he rarely got to the rim, the line or drove into the paint.  He can make long two pull ups from dribbling off ball screens, attacking closeouts or spot up situations.  But overall has shown only tiny tidbits of rim attacking success.  If you can’t win drives from perimeter to rim you’re probably not going to grade that well.  He isn’t a risk taker either, safe with the ball and tends to make solid decisions.  But that doesn’t translate into play making since at best he’s a hockey assist type playmaker.  As a movement shooter however if you can’t put the ball on the floor then being a good decision maker will be important for Joe at the next level.


Joe can be summed up on defense pretty easily: good team defender and so-so on-ball defender.  He’s not afraid to take charges, has solid timing on his fills and stays sound on his team assignment.  His ability to cycle through rotations on team defense really is a translatable pro level talent.  His on-ball defense on the other hand is an issue.  For starters that means his switchability is highly questionable.  He doesn’t seem to know when to cushion his man or jam him with an arm bar.  His lack of strength and frame hurts containing dribble penetration.  He for the most part stays sound on defense and has solid timing on steals and when to cut off passing angles.  His ability to get steals, create and play team defense are big reasons why his defense is better than one would assume.

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