2020 Player Breakdowns

Tyrese Maxey Breakdown


Maxey might have a deceptively misleading 29% three point shooting percentage.  Although his percentage was bad and his points per possession on catch-and-shoot opportunities was below average (.75 ppp) he’s still more than capable of having long range shooting success at the next level.  Two of the big area he needs improving on are his shot selection and lower body strength.  He has a solid frame that will fill out over time and when that happens it’ll affect his body control and core stability.  His tough shot making ability might be a byproduct of his poor shot selection but nevertheless he can still pull up from deep, take off-balance leaning jumpers and falling out of bounds tear drops.  But he might be at his best as a pick-and-roll scorer.  His quick first step, advanced dribble drive moves and off-timed gathering help off the bounce but his ability to attack the outside shoulder of a corralling big and initiate the contact help carry his pick-and-roll scoring.  He can draw fouls at the rim, attack closeouts and change his direction down hill to win drives at a solid rate.  He can finish through contact at the rim but at times will get bumped, display poor control and throw up an errant shot.  But since he’s solid at driving down the lane Maxey will draw in help defenders and pass on the move to the cutting dunker with anticipation.  He wasn’t really a peripheral passer and was mostly dynamic passing to bigs.  A strong play maker and stout scorer his three point shooting will be the key at the next level.


Maxey actually has pretty solid defensive on-ball fundamentals.  He plays on his toes, busy toes, cutting off angles, getting his chest into his man and gaining leverage.  He’ll sit in his stance with clean slides and a strong arm bar.  He can get overpowered at times or isn’t in ready-to-slide position fast enough but overall as long as he maintains integrity at the point of attack Maxey does a fine job staying attached.  A major worry was his lack of defensive creation and spatial awareness.  It felt like too many times he got turned around and missed an off ball switch assignment.  He’ll play good team defense with a nice weak side stunt at the down hill ball handler but can lose his position recovering to his own.  The lack of steals or blocks is pretty concerning especially since his role might be more of a combo guard rather than lead ball handler.  His overall team defense was a mixed bag.  He will at times have a one track mind and can’t read the layers of a play but other times will vertical contest a drive at the rim making the second level rotation.  Sometimes he’ll be too locked in on his man, needs to be coiled ready more often.

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